Barony of Stierbach

Holiday Faire

November 23, 2019


Hail Kingdom of Atlantia.... 



Hail Kingdom of Atlantia.....
The Barony of Stierbach is proud to announce we will be holding our Holiday Faire November 23, 2019

As the weather turns colder, Atlantian's finished harvesting their crops, the Armies are turning home from War, our thoughts  turn towards  spending time together and enjoying the holidays. With our pockets flush with riches, the Barony of Stierbach invite all gentles to attend their annual Holiday Faire. We have searched the known world for the finest artists and purveyors of goods to bring their wares for your shopping enjoyment. We have many returning merchants and new bringing their finest goods from all over the known world. There will be archery, armored, rapier, throw weapons and SHOPPING. Yes, the best shopping in the known world. We will have and Arts and Science competitions, a silent auction (proceeds to be donated to the Atlantian regalia fund), a lunch tavern and SHOPPING. Did I mention shopping, the merchants of the highest quality goods will be there for you to do all your holiday shopping.



Baroness Arnbjorg Karlsdottir Autocrat

Lord Aeddan Ivor Merchant Coordinator


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (subject to adjustments)



          Merchants open for Business           
         Thrown Weapons range opens 
         Archery Range Open Target Set Up 
         A&S Drop Off
         Silent Auction



10:30 AM 

         List Fields Open for Inspections  
         MOL OPENS  
         Archery Range Open for Inspections and Practice 
         Youth Combat Field opens for brand new fighters to try on loaner gear and learn the rules (if available, anyone that has loaner please bring it by)


 11:00 AM

          Newcomers Tour - met at Gold Key next to Troll 

            Youth Combat Open Practice and Authorizations (11am-12pm)



          Fundraising Lunch and Beverage  by the Shire of Roxbury Mills
          Small building


1:00 PM  

          Youth Combat Games and Tournaments (depending on numbers) (1pm-3pm)


2:00 PM

      The Princesses Royal (and parents) would like to invite all children in attendance to a Royal Tea Party (hot chocolate and cookies) in the Royal room. Come warm up and visit with Her Majesty and the 4 Princesses Royal.



        Archery: All archery score must be turned in. Set up for Fundraiser Turkey Shoot



        Archery: Turkey Shoot Fundraiser

        Silent Auction Closes, Pay and Pick up



         All List Fields CLOSE and tear down

          Archery Field CLOSE and clean up  

          A&S Pick Up


 5:00 PM         COURT  
         All Merchants Close (merchant break down)


6:30 PM

           Site CLOSES